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Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:Nevada, United States of America
Character: Seifer Almasy
Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Version: Post-game.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight.
Appearance: Perhaps Seifer's most defining feature is the long, battered, pale-grey coat he insists on wearing at all times; Both arms are adorned with a stylized red cross that runs most of the length of the sleeve, and he wears the collar turned upward. Despite the flashy coat, the rest of his dress is very modest: A dark blue shirt, also emblazoned with a less stylized white cross, and dark slacks. He wears heavy military grade boots and gloves, and a simple chain necklace.
Bright blond hair is kept cut short and slicked back, save for a few errant strands that try to fall into his face. For his age Seifer is quite tall, standing at over six feet, and he can cut an imposing figure with his height and athletic build. His eyes are a clear blue-green, with a scar running between them from his forehead down to his right cheek, a mark he'd earned in retaliation from Squall Leonhart.
Personality: Confident to a fault, Seifer wears his arrogance like it's going out of style. His fondness of fire suits him well, as he is easily described as hot-headed and reckless, and more than a little impatient. Seifer is not the type to stand around and wait for things to happen, if he sees an opportunity he will run for it regardless of consequence, which has landed him in trouble more often than not. That isn't to say Seifer isn't aware of the consequences, just that the end is more important than the means. If you have to step over a few bodies to get to your goals, well, that's just how things are in his opinion. Though he is not evil, he is not especially nice, either. In fact it is very safe to say that Seifer is a huge jerk.

Seifer does not trust easily, only keeping a couple very close friends. For the most part everyone else is treated with a degree of suspicion and indifference, if not outright hostility. There are those very few, such as Squall Leonhart, that he views with a skewed version of respect, though his methods of displaying it are often confusing for anyone that doesn't understand him. And understanding Seifer is damn near impossible, given that he makes a point to be as unpredictable as he can. While he does believe in honor, Seifer's particular honor code is again as unpredictable as he is, though it focuses more on displays of strength and victories, rather than methods of arriving at those victories.

For all his aggression, and at times being a complete and utter jerk, Seifer is not completely heartless. He desires to protect those he cares about, which he proved by breaking out of detention to try to go help Squall and his team when they possibly faced the entire Galbadian army alone. Though he conceals it well, Seifer acknowledges his past actions were wrong and was glad, in a way, to have failed in his romantic dream. Destroying everyone and everything isn't what it means to be a knight, after all.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Despite his recklessness, Seifer has a knack for leadership and tactics. He can command an army to war quite skillfully when he sets his mind to it, as displayed by his control over the Galbadian forces when laying seige to Balamb Garden. His drive and determination help to ensure that once Seifer has put his mind to something he will stop at nothing to complete it.
Seifer's weapon of choice is the gunblade. A notoriously difficult weapon to master in his world, he and Squall Leonhart were the only two specialists in Balamb Garden, in fact quite possibly in all the Gardens as you never come into contact with another. His particular style focuses on a swift, one-handed blade as opposed to his rival's heavier, two-handed style. This allows Seifer to fight swiftly and brutally, coupled with his willingness to fight dirty it makes him quite the combatant. Seifer uses a number of fire based attacks which are actually a manipulation of chi energy, rather than magic. He's also capable of using what's called a Limit Break, in which he can unleash a deadly assault always heralded by one of his chi attacks. Unlike Squall and his party, Seifer seems to have mastered the skill so well that he can use his Limit Breaks well before being critically injured. In the game he begins using them at 84% health, instead of near-death.
Weaknesses: While formally trained in the use of Guardian Forces and the Paramagic of his world, Seifer has never been a profficient caster. As such his resistance to magic is relatively low, and he will certainly never master the art himself. Unlike many Final Fantasy characters Seifer is pretty normal as far as physical strengths go. He can take a beating, certainly, but he definitely takes the beating.

His hot temper and impulsiveness are his greatest weaknesses. Seifer will not often think things through before jumping to conclusions, or a fight. This has put him through a lot of trouble and kept him from becoming a SeeD for quite some time. His inability to back down from a challenge is also detrimental in that even when he knows a cause is lost he cannot bring himself to surrender, especially if it has to do with his Romantic Dream. Seifer's dream was to be a Sorceress' Knight, not for the romance in the common sense of the word but the more traditional sense, the chivalry and adventure associated with being a Knight. He desired it so strongly that he fell into the hands of Ultimecia, who twisted his dream and turned it against him.

Though Seifer inwardly regrets his actions, his dream is still a very strong presence in his life. Something that remains easily twisted and manipulated. Leaving him at risk of falling into the wrong ideals once again.

History: Seifer was orphaned at a young age when his parents were killed during the Sorceress wars, and it is likely he doesn't even remember them at all. Instead he spent much of his youth in an Orphanage with several other children raised by Matron Edea. Seifer had always been a trouble maker, even in his youth, which may have been a large part of the reason he was never adopted. Because of that he was sent to Balamb Garden for schooling and to be trained as a soldier. There he excelled as one of the only two gunblade specialists in the schools, and as being the biggest trouble maker he possibly could. Which was ironic, given that he and his posse were the Disciplinary Committee, in charge of administering detention to others disobeying the rules. Of course that didn't stop Seifer from abusing his power and using it more to bully than to enforce.

Though gifted, Seifer never managed to pass his exams to become a SeeD. He made it a habit to defy orders and take matters into his own hands, which always resulted in a failing grade. His real story began during one fateful final exam, doomed to failure in Dollet. Seifer was made Squad leader, in charge of Squall Leonhart and Zell Dincht. Their mission was to take and hold the town square from invading Galbadian soldiers. Everything went well for a while. They successfully took control of, and held, the square as ordered. Unfortunately Seifer noticed soldiers heading to a much more interesting target, an out of service communication tower at the top of a hill. Well, he certainly couldn't let an opportunity like that pass him by, so he ordered Squall and Zell to help him investigate their new goal, and immediately ditched them to run ahead by himself.

Though he was right in that the Dollet tower was the primary objective of the Galbadians, he had defied orders and once again failed his exam. Despite this he was the first to applaud the other students; Squall, Zell, and Selphie who did pass. Presumably Seifer would have returned to yet another year doomed in failure were it not for his overhearing that the new rookie SeeDs had been sent on a mission to Timber, to aid a resistance against Galbadian occupation. Seifer broke out, injuring several people in the process, and stormed his way right down to Timber to help.

Or not help, as the case may be. Timber was the location of one of the few television broadcasting stations in the world, given that radio signals had been blocked for over twenty years. As luck would have it the president of Galbadia just happened to be planning on making one of the first broadcasts seen in all of that time, and Seifer just happened to find that out. He rushed in, taking the President hostage on live feed right when Squall and his group were about to ambush the station as well. Seifer tried to hide where he was from, but Zell had far too loud a mouth for his own good. Backed into a corner, and almost certainly completely screwed, Seifer pulled the President with him to search for an out.

That out came in the form of the Sorceress who appeared back stage and persuaded Seifer to come with her. Seeing her as both the only option for escape, and an opportunity to live his romantic dream Seifer agreed, disappearing into a portal with her. It was later believed that he had been executed for his crimes. Of course, Seifer would have never stood for a trial, and those claims were far from truth. He reappeared during a parade to herald the Sorceress as Galbadia's newest ambassador, as her loyal Knight.

While this time a squadron led by Squall had been sent to assassinate the Sorceress, Squall was forced to face his rival in combat again. Seifer was defeated, but so was Squall by the Sorceress' intervention. Later, Seifer serves as torturer and interrogator to the party sent to assassinate the Sorceress, a task which he seems to greatly enjoy. Seifer goes on to be made commander of the Galbadian forces, though it is clear that his mental stability was in rapid decline during that time. He was falling completely under the Sorceress' control, twisted until he was little more than her lapdog. From the now mobile Galbadia Garden Seifer ordered attacks on the other two Gardens. The missiles successfully destroyed Trabia, but narrowly missed Balamb, this was important as later the two Gardens would clash, and once again Squall would end up battling his rival.

Now, completley under the Sorceress' sway, Seifer reveals that the memories he'd not realized he'd lost from Guardian Force use had been returned to him. He accussed Squall and his crew of being monsters and fought them, though again he was defeated. Seifer disappears again, sent on a new mission from the Sorceress to ressurect an ancient weapon of great power: Lunatic Pandora. The strange machine, or rather the crystal core within, had the power to call down what was known as the Lunar Cry; An event in which thousands upon thousands of monsters were pulled from the moon and spread all across the surface of the Earth.

After successfully moving Lunatic Pandora to Tear's Point where the Lunar Cry could begin, Seifer reappears inside the machine, too far gone now to be saved. He was beaten, battered and unkempt, he'd fallen so far that even his loyal posse begged him to give up his persuit. Seifer refused, wished them a good life, and sent them off. Once more he squares off against his eternal opponents, Squall and his crew, and once more Seifer was defeated, though this time not before performing an impressive display in countering the Guardian Force Odin's attack and slaying him. Thinking that would be the last they'd see of him the party left Seifer where he lay, badly defeated.

He still had one final bit of nastiness on his side, with their backs turned Seifer kidnapped Rinoa and drug her off to hand her to the Sorceress Adel, who had been brought down to earth by the Lunar Cry. With the Sorceresses in one room, Ultimecia, the Sorcerss who had been controlling Seifer all along, could complete her goal of Time Compression. Seifer could claim in that, at least, he had been victorious. He had helped his Sorcerss complete her task, no matter the cost.

After Squall and crew successfully stop the Sorceress' wicked plans, Seifer could be found in Fisherman's Horizon, back with his posse once more and free of Ultimecia's control. He even smiles upon seeing Garden, whole, flying over him. In a way he was glad to fail, because Ultimecia was not a benevolent or good Sorceress at all.
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